Hathor House

Who we are

Founder and Owner Stevie Leigh was inspired to create Hathor House after she began her work as a Birth Doula early in 2017.  This community holds hands with the birthworker community in Los Angeles and supports radicals and free thinkers.  

There is so much confusion around our reproductive health and rights and Hathor House aims to be a place where we can gather and learn.  In addition, finding a community during your pregnancy and parenthood journey is essential when we are faced with so many options and opinions and have so many questions and we want to facilitate the creation of support systems. 

We encourage everyone to question the status quo and then look for answers internally with the help of community.

If you are a new or expecting parent, a birthworker, a reproductive justice enthusiast, or a person who is curious about any or all of these things we would love to meet you.

Come find community here.


Hathor House Events



Village Prenatal

The Village Prenatal is a concept that was introduced to us by Sister MorningStar when we hosted her residency in May 2018. It is a place for expecting parents to come share space with each other and with parents who have already given birth. We share hopes and fears and trade knowledge and tips. It’s a great place to find other like-minded families. Finding a community during your pregnancy and new parenthood journey is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves.

Sunday September 30th 2:30-4:30pm, $10


Doula Support Group

We see a lot in our work as doulas and having a community where we can share about our experiences in births and with care providers is essential. This is a very casual get together and is a great way to meet other doulas in your area and to find emotional support systems.

All levels of experience are welcome!



New Moon Circle

Our New Moon Circles have been with us since our inception. Come to connect and set intentions for the cycle ahead with our salt ceremony. This is circle is specifically for female identifying and non-binary people.




If you want to be a part of our community we want to hear from you!

Contact us through the link below if you have any questions about our events or if you’re looking to come hold space with us.

*Hathor House is committed to providing a community where people can feel empowered and acknowledged while being heard and held.  Anyone who comes through our doors must do so with an open mind and heart.  Destructive behavior (in every sense of the phrase) will not be tolerated and for the well being of everyone in attendance a person who is disrupting the progress of our community will be asked to leave. 

*Healing work and creating sacred space are sensitive in nature and we will need 24 hours notice of any cancellations in order to refund you if need be.